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Do you need a Cloud service for other brands of camera?

If you do not have an Axis network camera you can visit our other site where you can use all other brands of camera such as Vivotek, Sony, Foscam and many more.
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Cloud-CCTV are authorised service providers for the AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS) – A platform to manage video monitoring services over the Internet. Connect Axis network video products to a local area network and register your camera on the website. The system will provide easy and secure Internet access to live and recorded video accessible from any location using any internet enabled device. The patent pending One-Click Camera connection feature provides simple plug & play setup regardless of internet service provider, routers or firewall settings.

Taking CCTV to the next level

  • View live and recorded video from each camera
  • No need for a PC or DVR on-site
  • Easy setup with no software installation required
  • Plug & Play installation, which means no NAT/Portforwardings, no DynDNS, no need to lower the firewall
  • 24/7 access via web-based interface and mobile apps
  • Event notifications and alerts
  • Compatibility with any IP-based network and most modern Smartphones
  • Responsive technical support and customer service
  • Monthly service with no minimum term contracts

“Imagine a video surveillance system that can be operated and managed in a web-browser, from anywhere the internet reaches”

What our customers say

The service we receive is fantastic with quick responses and no fuss.
The Cloud-CCTV system is so easy to use, it can be mastered in very little time.
I am very impressed with how your team has worked with us. You are doing an impeccable job and i am looking forward to using your services again in the very near future. This has been amazing!
This really was a plug and play setup, not like other cloud providers that needed a computer science degree in order to get it working. Very user friendly…..exactly how it should be!
What attracted me to Cloud-CCTV was their affiliation and accreditations from Axis. If its good enough for them its good enough for me.
Setup was super quick and “does exactly what it says on the tin!”
We already had 4 Axis cameras and even though we purchased them elsewhere we were able to connect them up to Cloud-CCTV without any problems.
Thank you for your help and advice. Cloud-CCTV really has made a world of difference for both my home and business. Thanks again
This is a must have service. The mobile app is great and love the fact i can even switch on/off the light on our camera using my phone. Have recommended this to all my friends and family. (To be honest i think they are fed up with me constantly talking about it)!!!
For anyone contemplating Cloud-CCTV then can i just say it easily beats my old DVR based setup in terms of features and reliability.
I get the best of both worlds with recordings automatically sent off-site to cloud storage in realtime + the option of on-site recordings stored onto the camera at no extra cost.